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            摘要: 口譯實踐練習——接待旅行團,一個中國貿易代表團到達倫敦蓋特威克機場。

             (A Chinese trading delegation is arriving at Gatwick airport in London.)

            Pilot: This is Captain Song speaking. We will shortly be landing at London's Gatwick. After we 

            have landed, please remain seated until the aircraft has come to a complete standstill and all the 

            warning lights have gone out. Please ensure that you have all your hand luggage with you when you leave the plane and that those passengers who do not hold EU passports have all filled out a landing-card and health declaration. Keep these to hand with your passport.

            The weather in London is fair, almost 65°Fahrenheit, and there is a slight wind. Gatwick airport is situated on the very outskirts of the capital and there is a regular train service to Victoria station, which runs very 15 minutes and takes a half hour.

            On behalf of the crew and cabin staff, I would like to thank you for flying CAAC and wish you a pleasant stay in U.K.

            (The passengers get off the plane and are taken to passport control.)

            周:   護照檢查處有三個隊,我們應該排哪一個?

            AIRPORT OFFICIAL: This one here on the left, sir. You see, it says "NON-EU passports".         

            周:   好的,隊不太長而且移動的相當快,我們很快就會辦完的。

            周:   沒用多少時間。下面該辦什么了?我們到哪兒取行李? 

            A.O:  If you just wait here and watch these screens, you'll see your flight number come up and then it'll tell you which number luggage bay you have to go to. Then follow the signs up the stairs to the baggage hall, where you should find plenty of luggage trolleys.

            周:   看,我們的號碼出來了,是3號。我們從右邊的樓梯上去。

            A.O:  Have you anything to declare, sir?

            周:   沒有,謝謝。

            A.O:  Then please proceed through the green gate marked "nothing to declare" 

            (The delegation clears the customs and go out into the arrival hall, where they are met)

            Gordon:  Madam Li, how are you? How nice to see you again. Do you remember me Christopher Gordon from the International Trading Co. We met several years ago.

            李:  記得。我當然記得你戈登先生。又見面了,我真高興。這一位一定是 中英貿易委員會的戴維斯小姐嘍。 

            MISS DAVIS:  Yes. Philippe Davis. Very pleased to meet you. I hope you had a pleasant journey, not too tiring.

            李:  不累。一路上不錯,我還睡了一會兒哪,現在不怎么累。請允許我介紹一下我的同事們。這位是中國機械進出口總公司的萬夫人。這位是中國土畜產品進出口總公司的關先生。這位是中國糧油進出口總公司的周先生。

            D: How do you do? Right, if we are all ready, then let's go and get the train. I've got the tickets and we can take the luggage trolleys almost onto the platform. 

            (In the train) 

            D: The journey doesn't take long, only about half an hour. It's a non-stop service to Victoria 

            station. We pass through some quite pretty countryside. When we cross the Thames into Victoria, 

            you get a great view along the river to your right of Westminster, the Houses of Parliament and 

            Big Ben.

            李: 在英國還從來沒有坐過火車,我覺得挺新鮮。

            G:  At least the weather's fine. It's miserable to arrive in a new country in the rain, as I'm afraid 

            many visitors to England do, especially in autumn.

            李: 倫敦雨多嗎?

            G: Yes it does, especially in autumn. In fact there are more than 160 rainy days in London each

            year. That’s why you always find people take umbrellas with them when they go out.  

            李: 真有意思。我聽說這里的季節變換就像一幅幅的圖畫一樣。希望我們能有機會看看倫敦的農村和海濱景色。

            G:   I'm sure you will. As a matter of fact, Miss Davis has already made arrangements for you.

            李: 那太好了。謝謝你,戴維斯小姐。

            (On arrival at Victoria, they take a taxi to the hotel where they are going to stay.) 


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