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            摘要: 此類口譯實踐練習難度較大,但很實用,建議以發言人、記者及口譯員的不同身份,合作進行口頭互譯練習。


            (1)問:What's your comment on the situation in Cambodia?

            答:中國對柬埔寨的局勢表示關注。中國希望柬埔寨有關各方珍惜來之不易的和平形勢,重視民族利益,妥善處理各種問題,防止局勢進一步惡化。[注]來之不易的和平形勢the hard-won peaceful situation

            參考譯文:China is concerned about the Cambodian situation.It sincerely hopes that the relevant parties will treasure the hard-won peaceful situation,value national interests,and properly deal with various issues so as to prevent the situation from further deteriorating.

            (2)問:Premier Li Peng in his Government Report said that China will energetically seek the convergence of common interests with the Western countries. In what respect are there common interests and how will China seek these interests?


            參考譯文:The most important common interests between China and the Western countries are bilateral cooperation and trade relations. Besides, in the field of maintaining regional and world peace and stability China and the Western countries can cooperate. The existence of problems in individual countries shouldnot pose obstacles for developing bilateral relations.

            (3)問:China and the Unitcd States reached an understanding on protecting IPR, and there are indications that the heads of the two countries may regularly meet with each other, what's your comment on prospects for Sino-US relations? Is there a possibility that the heads of the two states will visit each other?答:6月17日,中美雙方就知識產權問題已達成協議。這說明只要雙方互相尊重、進行平等協商,他們能夠縮小或解決分歧。我們相信,只要兩國從總體利益出發、堅持三個聯合公報、不于涉別國內政、求同存異,中美關系就能夠健康、穩定地發展。


            參考譯文:On June 17,China and the United States reached agreement on IPR. This proves that so long as the two sides respect each other and conduct discussions on an equal footing,they can narrow or resolve their differences. We believe that as long as the two countries proceed from the overall interests and adhere to the three joint communiques by not interfering in each other's internal affairs and seeking common grounds while preserving differences, Sino-US relations can develop healthily and steadily.

            We have taken note of the fact that in their recent speeches, US leaders showed positive signs concerning bilateral relations. China hopes to maintain nor

            mal and sound relations with the United States and has made due efforts toward this. We also hope the United States can join China in seizing the opportu

            nity to promote continued improvement and development of bilateral relations.

            We also believe that direct contacts and exchanges between leaders of our two countries are significant for deepening mutual understanding and developing bilateral relations. We are ready to make joint efforts with the US side to realize these contacts and exchanges.


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