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            詞根 “-dic(t)-” → 意思是say

            發布時間: 2021-10-29 15:10:35   作者:etogether.net   來源: 網絡   瀏覽次數:
            摘要: 詞根dict意思等于say,是個拉丁語詞根。


            These ROOT-WORDS are DIC & DICT which mean SAY & DECLARE. It is a good ROOT to own and opens the door to many needed words. You will recognize it without difficulty. Notice the change in pronunciation of words 13-17. The c sound is entirely omitted. DICT = DIT.

            The Latin root word dict and its variant dic both mean ‘say.’ 

            Have you ever considered what the origin of the word dictionary actually is? Dictionaries help with the pronunciation, or correct ‘saying’ of words, besides giving other word information such as definitions and word origins. Are you addicted to reading the dictionary? If so, you have ‘said’ or declared your love for it.

            Some people try to predict events before they happen, thereby ‘saying’ what will occur before they actually do. The prediction is often wrong, thus is contradicted or ‘spoken’ against by what actually happens.

            Did your school have a valedictorian who ‘said’ the farewell address at your high school graduation? If so, she may have dictated or ‘said’ her speech to a friend, who wrote it out for her. The speech itself was probably dedicated or ‘said’ for the members of her graduating class.

            A verdict is the truth ‘said’ by a jury who determines whether a defendant put on trial in a court of law is innocent or guilty. If the defendant is vindicated, he is ‘said’ to be free of all charges that had been placed against him. The jury may just as well, however, indicate or ‘say’ that he is guilty!

            Only the unwise would question what a dictator ‘says,’ for he gets the final ‘say’ in everything. In fact, speaking up in such a way might put you in quite the predicament or dangerous situation, for you would have ‘said’ something before you thought about what its consequences might entail!


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